Splashie Nail Spa is committed to providing you with professional nail care in a fun and relaxing environment.  We have a variety of ways for you to be pampered including a Deluxe Manicure, Splashie Queen Full Hand Treatment, & Special Spa Pedicure.  Hot Stone Foot Massage Pedicure to relax your muscle.  Our salon is equipped with numerous air purifiers to help maintain clean and fresh air.  We hope to pamper you and create a relaxing break from your day.

At Splashie, we use only high quality products to meet our clients expectations. We use products such as: OPI, CND, IBD, for Artificial Nail and Gel Colour, Ice Cooling Gel, Foot Mask, Foot Scrub to Exfoliate, and take away the tiredness from your hands and feet.  At Splashie, we believe your hands and feet deserve full attention.  Apart from your hair and skin, your nails will get a second look.  Why not let us make you an envy of your friends with a SPLASH OF SPLENDOR for your nails.

Splashie’s staff has been in professional spa service for over 5 years.  Customer service is our priority.  We want to make sure our clients leave with a happy face right after they visit our salon.  :)