by tee on May 5, 2011

Your brow is the main feature on your face beside your beautiful smile. You must have it done right for your look. We’re expert with brow at Splashie nail spa. We do threading, waxing whatever that suit to your need. It is only $15. We guarantee the result. We’ll show you how to maintain your brow in between visit the salon.

A perfect brow arch balances out the entire face. It’s the icing on the cake, but once we start to tweeze, things get way out of hand. Even the perfect smile can’t distract us from wondering… where’d they go, and why? Please visit Splashie Nail Spa to have your perfect brow arch look.

The Perfect Brow Arch

Eyebrow Products

Eyebrow Pencil: The eyebrow pencil is the most common product to use on ones eyebrows. However it can look harsh, so be sure to have a sharp point for easier application. For a more natural look, use short soft strokes and remember to blend with a firm eyebrow brush.

Eyebrow Powder: Brow powder is always a matte powder with high color pigments. You can also use an eye shadow that is matte and matches your hair color. Eyebrow powder provides the most natural look. Apply with an angle eye brush and with light strokes. Blend with an eyebrow brush.

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